A Brief History of Party Lines

Posted on: on 1 February, 2016
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Today hundreds of thousands of people call party lines every day. Just in San Francisco alone, almost 15,000 people dial party lines everyday. Party Lines have become a popular alternative to dressing up and going out. Pacific Bell, a telephone company in California reported earning of over $24 million as part of their party line business revenue over a period of 12 months. With party lines, people from all walks of live can meet new people for dating, friendship and more.

Although there are hundreds of party lines services in the US alone, there are only a handful well-established party lines in existence. Fonochat, Livelkinks, Nightline and Questchat are among the most popular ones.

How Party Lines Came Into Existence

What is spectacular arrangement of communication technology today, started almost by mistake in the early 1900s. Party lines were extremely common in the 1930’s and 1940’s in rural areas. The basic advantage of using a party line was that since each connection had to run a number of miles in order to reach the remote homes, a larger number of homes had access to telephonic services utilizing lesser number of wires. During World War II, party lines were the only method in which locals residential subscribers managed to acquire local telephonic services. In many cases, the only option was that of a party line for a few years, until the telephone companies could catch up to the demands of all the extra lines.

With the advent of the internet, the local multi-party line has developed into a global phenomenon.

The way the phone chat worked, was that the user picked up the telephone while somebody else on the party line was talking and joined in. This was a how a party line was converted into a chat line. This meant that the people on the party line were able to speak to each other without having to call each other individually. If a single user was using the party line, then if anybody tried calling the other people on the party line, they would receive a busy tone. Now this system is being widely used to connect multiple parties that phone in looking to join a conversation. Party lines have quickly shifted from cheap alternatives to private lines to quick access to multiple parties looking for dating and chat lines.

Today’s party lines are very different to what someone in the 1940’s would expect. The basic scheme for the party line was the 2-way party line. In this system, a phone would ring for its own calls only. If the phone was picked up while the other person was using the line, then one could participate in the conversation, but you would not know when the other person’s phone was ringing. There was the 4-way party line. The rings were coded specifically for different callers. This meant that one had to remember their codes of rings. For example, the code for your own call would be a single ring and one for the other parties called would be double ring. The 10 way or even the 8 way lines were common in the suburban rural areas. These types of party lines usually used multiple types of coded rings. For example, for party one the ring could be a single long ring. For party two there could be two short rings. For party three, it could be one long one short ring. For party four, it could be short long, short rings. It seems incredible today that the 10-way party line could ever have existed.

However, back in the 1940’s it was a cheap method of arranging for a phone service. In those days, long distance calls were not necessary and hence provisions for long distant calls were nonexistent. The conservative system is no longer prevalent. In addition to the party lines, the companies have introduced live cams, chat lines, and random text services. What this means is that now, in addition to talking to new people, you will also be able to see them face to face on the computer screen. Some companies offer specialized services only for the black communities the Latin communities and for the Indian communities. They can phone up and talk to the people belonging to their ethnicities.

According to a People Magazine article, the concept of party lines for dating started back in 1980 when a Brazilian businessman accidentally engineered a process for linking telephones known as bridging. Telephone companies quickly adopted the technology of cross connecting calls to develop all kinds of services, including what is known today as late night party lines.

One of the biggest singles voice enabled party line service providers in the US is Livelinks. The party line gives the people a chance to meet new singles in the city. The livelinks services are available to all people across North America without any focus on the ethnicity and sexual orientation. The company makes the private lines free for women but paid for men. The calls on the party lines are private and discreet, and are confidential. The services are available 24/7, but if you want to experience best results, it is best to call after 5 pm in the evening. The free trial is amazing , however if one want to filter out all the men who are calling in, then one has to opt for the paid service .

The foremost adult party line of North America is Redhot dateline. This way, thousands of people call on the Redhot party line to chat, date , hook up or just to talk . The girls on the line and the men are sophisticated and alluring. Calling after 11 pm at night is the best, especially on the weekends, this way, you can get the most out of the adult party line experience. It is definitely worth it to pay for the premium services. The paid members get access to all the beautiful women first. Moreover, there are absolutely no restrictions and one can exercise full freedom on the party line service.

As the industry of party lines continues to grow, more and more companies are emerging. It will be interesting to see, how these companies can provide services, to the massive demand for the party line services in the industry.

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