Why Girls Get to Chat for Free (And Why Guys Don’t)

Posted on: on 1 February, 2016
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Whenever we speak of male-female relationships, we can notice that the sides are not even. Yes, ladies are always one step in front of the boys. They decide whether will there be a sexual act or not, they decide whether will there be a date or not. To make things short, almost everything in the man-woman relations depends on their will.

When it comes to party lines and dating chat, you can guess – women have an advantage, too. Well, what is actually going on here? Why is this happening?

Since the beginning of the time, the man had it all. He was the hunter, the warrior, the shaman, he was the ruler of kingdoms and emperies, he was the poet and the painter. However, there was only one thing that he couldn’t possess, and that was the woman. We can even say that all the hunting, building, fighting and creating was happening because of women.

In any way possible, the stronger gender wanted to impress their females, and this is happening today. Remember the scenes and the people that you see every day. They are all based on these relations. All your friends want to impress the girls, and they are always searching creative ways to do that.

So, what does this have to do with our primary party lines problem? Since men are always trying to impress the girls, it is logical that ,even in this case, women have the advantage.

We all know those parties where a guy needs to pay for entering, while the girl doesn’t pay at all. It’s the same situation with party lines and dating chat. Women get there for free, so men would be attracted. If you want to get as many men as possible to some event, the solution is simple – just invite girls and the men will follow.

The parameters that determine this state are based long time ago. In our modern minds, we can still find those primitive characteristics, and sometimes we can unleash them. Remember any film that deals with different tribes and their way of life. There is something that is called initiation.

This is a special ritual where a person gets accepted into a group that has its own norms and benefits. The initiation is usually happening when the boy needs to become a man. However, before entering the world of manhood, the boy must pass some tests. This is exactly what is going on today. Men have to pass these tests so they can approach and impress women.

The payment that man has to make before using dating chat or party line is nothing then a sort of initiation fee. However, the ritual is not done yet. Payment is just a participation fee, and the real test comes with the women. This is happening everywhere around you – at your college, in your local bars and clubs, even in the public transport. Men have to make the first move, they have to pass the initiation test in order to reach their manhood.

If we look the example of party and dating lines, we can see that that is also a specific kind of initiation. It is actually really simple. Since the woman is the goal of the whole initiation, it is completely logical that she doesn’t have to pay the party lines charge. After all, why would she?

Let’s face it, women can find a partner anytime and everywhere. If there were charges for women, then surely there wouldn’t be any women on the party lines. However, if the girls are gone then the boys will follow, and party and dating lines would be history. Therefore, this is another practical reason why women can chat for free while guys can’t.

Since the beginning of the time, women had an advantage over the men. On the other hand, men were always in need to prove themselves and to be active. The process of initiation is still present in the modern society, and you can see it everywhere. This process is very important, and men are facing it in every activity they partake. The initiation is present even on the dating lines, so it is logical that the women, who are the final goal of the initiation, and who can find a partner in anytime, doesn’t have to pay the charge.

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