How People Are Using Party Lines For More Than Just Dating

Posted on: on 1 February, 2016
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Phone party lines allows callers to randomly connect with other callers from all over the country. It gives you the opportunity to communicate live through your voice with other people from your area or across the country.

Although the the first and foremost reason for using this particular service is the quest of finding a romantic partner. But, did you know that party lines can serve various other purposes as well rather than just helping you find a date? Here are some very handy alternative uses of calling into a party line:

1. To improve your social skills:

Many people tend to suffer from mild anxiety attacks when they look to communicate with someone new, especially with someone from the opposite sex. While their words may flow very fluently when they are surrounded by well known people, it gets more or less chocked when they are confronted with an uncomfortable circumstance in front of someone not so familiar. In that case, what better way to get over those problems other than trying out party lines? They are a safe way for you to brush up your social skills & get over your anxieties.

2. To receive honest advice:

At times some of the best advice that you can get may arrive from the most unexpected source. There might be certain annoying problems that you simply can not get rid of & some expert advice is all that you need. It is time for you let go of the frustration & ask for advice from someone you don’t even know. That unknown person may solve the puzzle for you & party lines provide you with the best possible platform for that purpose.

3. To vent out:

There are times when you may be feeling low & you are not in a situation or mood to discuss with any of your close ones. You might just be looking for someone to talk with. In such instances party lines may connect you with someone who is capable of providing the much needed healing touch. There is the potential of finding a person who is loving & caring. So, party lines are a very effective way for you to get the feel-good factor back when you are down & it may even act as an alternative to a therapist.

4. To practice your communication skills:

If English is not your native language than party lines can be a very useful medium for you to polish your English speaking prowess. Like any other language your English will improve the more you communicate in English. Also there are people who are proficient while writing in English, but are inclined to struggle when looking to speak in English. Party lines are a great means for them to take the next step in terms of conversing in English.

5. To conduct market research:

While speaking to different men & women you get the chance to find out the general perception of the people about certain products or persons. It can be fascinating to interview a few people & get a clue about the sentiment of random people. Party lines are probably one of the very best platforms for you to conduct such market researches & they are certainly worth having a go if you are interested.

6.To make new friends:

Friends add all the spice to our daily life & everybody likes making new friends. One of the biggest incentives of using random phone chats is the likelihood of making new friends. Among all the new people you get to know, there might be some who resonate with you perfectly irrespective of their gender.You may go on to meet each other later & end up becoming very good long term buddies.

7. Learning to accept variety:

One thing that happens when you use party lines is that you get to connect with all kinds of different people. You may have apprehensions about certain kinds of people or certain customs. By connecting with those people when you get to know them you realise that they are beautiful people as well. You accept the variety. This creates the feeling of unity in diversity & helps you grow as a benevolent human being.

It acts as an exciting alternative to online dating & most people are looking to find love by calling in. So, to say that party lines are of great use is probably an understatement. It is both thrilling & useful at the same time. They can come in handy in various ways & you can enjoy all of these benefits for free by claiming your party line free trial.

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